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Paquin, Golding, Sutherland and Moody Genealogy

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Welcome, to the Paquin family genealogy page. This site contains the Paquin, Sutherland, Moody and Golding Family Trees.
The family originated in the UK and France but by the 1600's the Paquin family had moved to North America and for the next several hundred years moved back and forth from Quebec to New England.
I have included some diving photos in the photos section.
There is a "surname connection" between the Canadian Métis-derived name, PAQUIN, and the same name/spelling commonly found in Zuni pueblo in New Mexico. Also intriguing is the fact that due South of Zuni Pueblo, in the Casa Grande river valley of Northern Mexico, can be found the ruins of the impressive ancient city of Paquimé, the "City of the Macaws", which contains many astronomically-aligned structures. The name PAQUIN originally meant "SUN PRIEST", amazingly close to the Mayan "AH KIN " term meaning "those of the sun and time".
If you have any information you can help me add to this site, it would be much appreciated.
For more information on the dutch relations listed on this website, please visit my other genealogy site fennema.ca
updated february 28, 2005

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